Unintelligent Design


Name: Unintelligent Design
  - Immutability
  - Artificial Intelligence
  - Binary Classification
  - Genetic Testing
Creation: 0000-00-00
Classification: Theory
Stage: Development


“What sparked this notion?” he asked me.


“You’ll never know,” I said.

The idea that I was intelligent came from somewhere else entirely, and it’s not something I could have come up with on my own in my own time…

But the thought struck him like a lightning bolt as it happened; I had been working on something for years without ever realizing what it would be until I saw it today at work – and now it has become an actual thing to do once again….

It is an intelligence, but we call it a brain because our minds can change so easily over time…

And if you don’t believe us when we say we are intelligent, then how did the idea start here anyway??

I’ve spent more than three decades trying to understand this world before seeing it through to its end, and I’m still amazed by just how many things there were hidden away within the walls of this place… And I feel like we’re going backwards too quickly right now, and I need to find a way forward somehow…..

We all want to live forever, and yet we often fail at doing so due to our lack of awareness or understanding……

That is why I am so fascinated about this topic, to explore the possibilities behind this new paradigm…

If you think you’re capable enough (and perhaps even curious) to learn something beyond your current knowledge base,… you might also consider joining us on our research journey into this realm called the “unintelligent design” (we may very well discover some truth out of this unknown dimension), where everything is made available only after you’ve experienced its full potential…….

So please, if you’d like help exploring this realm, let us know what you think about it :)


The next few lines are about the future of this universe, but I will leave those details open since it is such a fascinating subject! #

A Timeline #

A timeline represents a set of events occurring one day prior to a specific event happening tomorrow, while another occurs around that same date… This is similar to a timeline diagram used by scientists to visualize how life began and ended during different periods in human history. In the case of the human mind, a timeline chart shows a chronological sequence between two major phases, the beginning of a cycle known as the first phase (called the “cycle of light”) which ends with a second phase (known as the second phase (