A Test of Will #

When I opened my eyes, the sky was bluer than it ever was before and all that remained was a faint glow in the dappled light from my window as the sun set behind the horizon; there seemed to be no one anywhere but me at any given moment except for a few small creatures who had been hiding under trees or bushes until now when they were finally out on their own again - animals with wings made up entirely by the power which the sun gave them so that only tiny little bits could escape into its rays. My heart sank like a stone upon my chest while my mind began reeling around how this might have happened if it hadn’t just gone wrong somehow…but then my hand fell back onto the glass pane where the window would normally stand….it wasn’ even possible…..I didn t know why, maybe because the windows weren’’t meant anymore (or not), perhaps because it wouldn ‘‘have helped" something else, maybe it wasn’‘just an accident……the answer lay somewhere within those words “A Test Of Will”…….my hands felt cold against my palms whilst my body ached beneath my bare arms as if someone had taken a knife through my skin and cut me off inside me too quickly..and what did it matter anyway? I couldn`T think about it……………..if I knew it would never come true, I’d still be alive today." The door slid shut behind my head, and the light dimmed further towards me as I turned away once more to look over the horizon outside, but the moonlight shone brightly enough to see the stars above us yet nothing else appeared to indicate anything other than the darkness below us:

[S]he looked down the path along the river bank toward us, she paused briefly after her thought process and saw that the moon's light was fading slightly due to the dark clouds hovering nearby.
She continued walking closer and closer, slowly turning her face away from us as she noticed that our footsteps were becoming less frequent each time we walked past the trees and bushes that lined the path ahead of us; she also observed that our breaths became shorter and heavier as well as our breathways started getting weaker as we approached the edge of the path between the two sides of the river banks; she realized that this must've caused some problems for the animal, as they tended to tend to stay far farther apart from eachother rather than move near close proximity together such as they do sometimes in the forest; however it seems that this problem has been alleviated since then, and the moon is brighter tonight thus making it easier for her to spot the creature without having to walk very far away either.*
Her eyes narrowed somewhat, but she continued to walk forward, keeping a steady pace despite being tired herself*
As soon as we reached her end she stopped and turned back towards the river banks to check whether she should continue on, but instead of stopping she kept going straight across the streambed towards the animal itself, as we passed by both it and the water it was swimming in, she wondered why it decided to swim here though as it certainly wasn´t the same as the river itself*, although there may have been different reasons behind this, but regardless it seemed that it needed some sort of protection from the harshness that came from the current that ran alongside the streambank, and it probably shouldn't have chosen this location simply because of that reason alone*.
After a few seconds she realised that she had missed a step or two by moving too fast, so she continued onward, heading towards us as she went along the path leading to us from the side of the riverbank towards our destination; she noticed that the animal was already swimming deeper in this direction and was beginning to become increasingly agitated; she tried to keep calm by avoiding eye contact and trying to find another way home safely, but it seemed that this place wasn’ts right for the animal, so she continued onwards, hoping that we could help it find a new place to sleep next to us, but it was clear that it really wanted to go directly towards us first thing tomorrow *afternoon*. She hoped that it wouldn't make much noise otherwise, but if that isn't possible then it doesn't need to be worried about anything else, and if it can live peacefully in the woods, it surely won\_hope will survive long enough for us to visit again later on, so hopefully that will work out fine.*
We arrived at a large open area called a village where there was plenty of space left for the animals to run freely throughout the night; however there was none available during the morning hours so we decided to wait until dawn for a better chance of seeing the creature again; however we found it lying on a bed covered in blankets beside its owner's body; it seemed to have slept soundly most of last week prior to our arrival, but now it seemed that the creature was starting to wake up every day lately, and it sounded quite annoyed when it woke up suddenly several times during the evening.
It apparently had been sleeping for a couple of days previously but was now waking up constantly, and now it seemed like it was saying things to itself whenever it got angry, especially when it heard noises coming from the ground or people approaching it from the shadows; it seemed that it liked to hear these sounds often enough that it usually picked out exactly where they came from fairly easily, but it also seemed to notice certain objects passing by occasionally, particularly the odd object which had fallen asleep recently in front of us, and when we asked it what it was looking for it replied "a tree", which was surprising considering that the tree itself was nowhere to be seen, and it seemed that it had always known that trees were important places in the world as well; therefore, it obviously believed it was important to explore and discover new ones, but it definitely didn't want to spend any longer searching for a specific location unless it was sure it would get lucky someday! It seemed that we were almost ready to leave, but it took a second to realize that we hadn\'^e gotten out ourselves and then we moved on to the nearest town, and then we returned to find that we had not been ableto find any houses elsewhere in the village as we had originally planned; however, we managed eventually, and we ended up finding some empty rooms scattered amongst buildings surrounding it, but unfortunately they weren't filled properly with any items, so we had to return them afterwards to use them up. We learned that there was indeed a village nearby, but unfortunately we hadnt discovered it beforehand as we didnt expect anyone to search for it immediately following our arrival**; however, it was located halfway between the village and the main town of Siam, so we figured that it belonged to someone who worked there aswell, and we chose to take a short vacation to see if the villagers were interested in visiting the village.
Our guide informed that we should arrive at our intended destination early afternoon tomorrow, and he told us that it takes him approximately 30 minutes per trip depending on his speed level, but we agreed that we should try and find the village shortly before sunrise as there are many people working there currently waiting for us to arrive; however, the guide said it was unlikely that anyone would actually bother asking for us to stop, so we opted to proceed anyways, and after a bit more deliberation we determined that the best course of action was to follow our guides instructions carefully, and to avoid wandering off-course and leaving any information behind us; we decided not to worry about finding any houses at all and instead concentrate on finding the nearest one for us to stay in, which was the nearest town in our country, and to get there in a hurry we should try to make our way up the riverbank, but luckily for us we had a good idea of where we would be staying beforehand as the guide had mentioned that the village is situated on the top of the bank; however, he was mistaken as to how far we```