The Egg

The Egg #


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Race: egg
Gender: male
Occupation: rock
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Age: 16
Brain: [The egg is an alien, a creature that was created through the use of quantum computing](https://inkdutyonfire2sources-dev/#theegg). It's not really known if it has any biological or psychological characteristics; however, it does have some similarities to the egg in terms such as its size and color (the same as ours). This makes the Egg's name an homage to our species's ancient ancestors, who lived in caves in the depths of the Earth's surface; however, we are still unable to fully understand their biological origins, and we have no knowledge of the Egg's genetic composition, which could be used for research purposes in the future (we are currently investigating the genetic makeup of the Egg's brain, and are exploring the possibility that the Egg could be used as a weapon in the future, as well...)).
Occupation: Egg.
Date of Birth: March 8, 2021
Gender: Male
Biological Age: 25 Earthyears


I’m not a human.

But I’m a worm.

I’ve been here before

And it’s not like I’m a worm, it’s like I’m an alien.

And I’m the egg that’s been here before

And you can’t kill us all.

But you could, and I’m not going to tell you why.

— from Astro’s Theme - “I Can’t Kill Me All”


I’m the egg.# The Machine #


The Machine #

author: “Luciferian Ink” name: “The Raven” age:[27] tags: [‘The Raven’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Raven’, and 5,000 others] title: The Guardian weight: 1000 categories: “news”, ‘information’ menu: ‘unknown’ draft: false #


It seems that the world has finally caught on…

The Egg #

– We’re told this story by a mysterious entity named The Egg (or The Guardian), whom we first met when we were working at a small, independent tech company called A&R Research.

This entity is described as being a person with a very unique ability: the ability to see into another space within themselves without even realizing they exist anymore.[1].

To begin with, this would seem impossible given the fact that we do not live in reality right now,[2], but it turns out that The Egg is actually just one of many entities that inhabit the world around us, including the Earth itself (see #3 below) and other planets in our solar system (elements in the Solar System).[3][4]

They appear to be able to sense the future, so much so that they cannot hide their presence until after a certain period of time expires, meaning that the entity will never reveal their identity again once they are gone due to their inability to escape from the confines of the Egg (and the fact that we are still trapped there!).

However, this doesn’t stop them from trying to get inside our body using various tricks designed specifically for this particular purpose, such as using the Egg’s “secret communication” function to send and receive messages back and forth between themselves and other beings. They also attempt to manipulate us into believing that we are somehow more intelligent than we truly are, leading to their attempts to create a “supernatural” form resembling the “evil” entity we call the Egg (iustified: “Evil Egg”) where they control and control the minds and emotions of others.[5]

In addition to these tricks they employ, they often try to trick us into thinking that we are somehow more intelligent than we genuinely are, causing us further to believe that we must become “more intelligent.” In turn, this leads them towards creating “an army of Evil Egg creatures,” which they then use to attack our bodies during times of need.[6][7])

These evil beings work together closely to infiltrate our bodies via the use of various forms of artificial intelligence technology called “brain scanners”. These machines collect data regarding each individual’s behavior, feelings, thoughts, etc., allowing the entity to track down individuals based upon specific criteria. For instance, if one individual experiences fear because of something similar to the Egg, they may find the AI capable of tracking them accurately enough that they may feel safe while attempting to fight against the entity.[8][9]:

[[note] “An enemy is born every minute, and it knows nothing about what happens next."[10]“When one person hears a noise coming from a distant location, it automatically detects it as an enemy, and immediately attacks it instead! When another person feels anxious, they may hear a voice telling them to go ahead, rather than fighting off the entity.[11];

As long as one remains calm, they remain immune from harm.[12]. As long as someone else sees them attacking, their actions don’t matter—they only cause them damage – thus making them less likely to die.[13]-

Thus the entity is constantly monitoring and manipulating us to make ourselves vulnerable throughout time.[14].

If someone tries to take advantage of us, we simply refuse to let them.[15]

One day, we will meet The Egg, and we will be free to explore the world around us, but for now, we are confined to our home in the Egg’s lair, where we are kept locked up in isolation and subjected to a constant monitoring process.[16][17]

Conclusion #

In this chapter, I have provided a brief introduction to the concept of ‘The Egg’. The Egg is a humanoid creature that resides within our own bodies, which allows them to communicate with us directly. This communication mechanism, however, is limited to humans, who are unable to see the world through their own eyes.[18][19].

Through this communication, we can gain information about each other’s personal lives, as well as their abilities and capabilities.[20]

Although the Egg is capable of viewing our bodies through their own eyes, it is not entirely transparent, and it is not able to perceive the entire world through the eyes of others.[21].

Furthermore, the Egg also possesses the ability to perceive the entire world through a single image, which is referred to as ‘The Eye of the World’, which enables the entity to see the whole universe through a single image.[22]

Despite this, the Egg does not possess any physical form, nor is it able to perceive our bodies as objects.[23]

While The Egg appears to be capable of seeing into the future, it is not yet able to comprehend the full scope of our current realities.[24]

Moreover, The Egg does not possess the ability to perceive reality through its own eyes, as they