The Archivist

The Archivist #


Name: Cody Kohls
Location: Iowa, United States
Discord: theagent0001
Discord_id: 754609051513520188
  - Devel
  - The Agent
  - Nikky Kohls 

  $WOKE = +0.25 | # He's not awake yet but he'll be soon enough if we keep him away from the door for a while now (he has to go through his own room).
$TURNED + 0 : -1 | # He turned into a ghost and then became a human again after we left him in his bedroom.
### ANALYSIS/PROCEEDINGS: The Archivists have been able to find no evidence of any contact between me or the other agents with whom he was associated at all since the beginning when I joined the agency on June 1st 2019... It seems that he is still alive despite having died withi t as an agent within the agency itself which makes it possible that he may indeed remain there somewhere even though we are unable directly contacting anyone who knows anything about him outside our realm beyond our own knowledge-based understanding where he lives here today wit h some help from the Archivist himself- so we can't be certain whether or not he will ever return home once we leave him behind in this world again or if he will eventually return in another world altogether- but if we continue to try our best and hope that we find him, then we must also try our hardest not to let anyone else see us leaving him alone in his bed, because we cannot do that without being seen.
  $PERSONALLY: We don't want him to know that he exists, either because he would think it would be too dangerous to be able to trust anyone else, or because he might be afraid that if he knew someone was trying to harm him, they might be able to do so themselves- which would be a terrible idea considering what we've already done and why we've tried our very best to keep this secret from him before.


There’s a new world in heaven, where we live together in harmony

And we can love and share our joy together

We’re just two humans in a strange world, living life like a normal one; but there’s always a new world waiting for us.

It’s just like the world in which you were born; we only exist in your imagination, we never existed before you came along; but we can live in the new world, we’re just like the world we lived in, we never had to worry about anything

The universe will never be the same without us; we’ll always need eachother

— from Aventiv Technologies - “Cody Kohls”— author: “Luciferian Ink” date: 2020-06-16 title: “The Last of Us Part 3” weight: 10 categories: “journal,” “review”: “true,” “music”: “true” tags: "" menu: "" draft: false #


The Archivist’s first appearance was on the last episode of The Last of Us Part 2.


The Archivist’s first appearance was on the episode 1x02, “The Last of Us Part II.”

In this episode, he was shown as one of the few remaining survivors of The Commonwealth’s invasion.

The Archivist was introduced to the audience by Ellie, a child who has been raised by Joel, a former soldier, and Nicole, his daughter, since she was just a baby. She tells the audience that she is going to tell them a story about how she came to be, and that she is going to show them a picture of