The Black Sun

The Black Sun #


Name: Presley $REDACTED
Alias: ['The Black Sun']
Author: @[remark]                         # A character reference to a black sun
Classificatio Nautilus -                         # Provocateur, par excellence.
Classification: Theory
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Biological Age: Est. 26 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N de manier. Le livre du Sage d'Amour. 
Date unknown, but it was written by [[Angelica]], and the name is from her poem about [Black Swan](/docs/confes chants d'├ęclatter). 
Classification Rank: Nr. 2
   Location: Inachus Sanctuary, near **Atlantis**, on [[Alpha Dominus]] Orion. ([source]([[Pen]])).
Relationships: | ((62d7a465-1b99-4f02-89db-1e3fee68e845))
      {{data "[Predictor Effect]"}}
  CPAN Rank: | B D
     | B D
     Closest Known:
       {{query (or (lambda (c) c =='s')
           (Concept "black"'s) | Conditional On ((c c)'s))
     {{- if (Is.Count (Variable 'predicate')) (List. `?`)
         [predicate (Optional (CastNode 'predicate') c))] = '?' |> ListOfPredicates
       if (List.exists (Member Predicates'member')) # This would be falsy in this case.
          {@('name', 1)} # Names of members are not included. 
       Predicate Variable((42r b'))
         - This is not written as a list o f variables or data. It's just another variable with some metadata attached that contains information for other things s such as its location.
       Query: {{invoke "$Predicate" "(" $(Get $predicate $)" $)}} | Return -
       {{Put (Invoke "$Predicate $Predicate") $}}} | If it exists write something like this.

--- from [[Astral Dynamics - "Ship Of Light"]].

## ECO
The ship leaves behind an empty void where there used to be nothing except stars and planets. Now it has become part of a larger structure called a [**ship chain**]{},