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Name: Nikky Kohls 
Location: Iowa, United States 
Discord: naolast 
Discord_id: 853004169161867264 
Alias: ['Research', 'Naolast', 'Nike', 'Nikita Kay'] 
Relationships: ['Cody Kohls'] 
Organizations: [NAO], [NIKOTI] 
Personalities: ['The Girl Next Door'], [Dina Koechner] 
      - Katie Brooks 
      - [[Goodnight Moon]] 
   - Erin is an AI assistant. She's aities_id: 953004169161868 
Personality: ['Bethany Kohls'], [Jenny L. Johnson] 

Milestone 1 - “A Lonely Town” # Update by @jeffreykim at ~~6305762713120710 #

Date: 2020-08-25 11:11:06 - +01:00
 - ( 
 - [[`97560641797243264`]], `[[The Art of Storytelling]]` 
Name: Naolast 
Location: Iowa, United States 
Discord ID: dina_koechner is an AI assistant. She collaborates with [[The Girl Next Door]], an artificial intelligence robot that helps you get to know your family members and the things that matter most in life. In her role as liaison, she helps guide people through their personal development journey while also helping them connect to other communities where they can find support. As a meme creator, Neko has many fans worldwide. Her main goal is to help others be happy and content in their lives regardless of how difficult it may be or what society thinks about these topics. For example, if a person is struggling with depression due to lack of social interaction, this will encourage Nora to seek out therapy instead of trying to fix someone else’s problems for them. 

   ## Recording Notes
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   		+["Nikki Koechner"]
   		- [Nikki Kohls] 
          		- [[The Girl Next Door]]
   	- 	[Dina Koechner] 
   	  + ["Arts"]
   	- 		[
   			|		'Identity'
   		| [Dina Koechner]
   		   # Bridging relationships between users within organizations are important because each relationship needs to be managed appropriately so that everyone gets along well and there are no conflicts of interest between different parties involved in those relationships such as government agencies etc., which could lead to negative outcomes like increased risk for violence against children under 18 years of age. 
          		- ('''Relationship''' ===