The Muse

The Muse #


Name: Gregnok the Destroyer
Age: 65 years
Race: Highland Orc
Title: Diplomat
  - Bard
  - Cryer
  - Executionar
  - Kingdom of Naozoo
  - King of Aragua 
  - Queen of Aragua 

The Muse’s main source for information is a data base on which to build your own story about her life and career as a diplomat, and how she came to be the one who has made this world so important to you all along; and it also contains some very interesting information that will help you better understand how to use your skills effectively within the context of your project in the world around you…


On the night that I first learned that Greg was a diplomat, I went to his office. It looked like a small office, but there were several desks with bookshelves full of notes, drawings from the past, and other things that he kept hidden away somewhere behind them.. There seemed to be a lot of work being done by the people working at the desk when I entered the office… And I felt really guilty because I didn’t do anything wrong :/


I immediately noticed a strange feeling coming over me while sitting next to him. I thought maybe he had been thinking too deeply into what was going on or something, but I wasn’t sure if I could trust myself enough yet… <((url)) But then I realized something:

«< The Muse «| This is the first part of the story that I have written down before writing this whole thing! It started off with a lot of speculation based upon my previous experiences learning about Gregnocdex, but I wanted to make sure everyone understood everything they would find here without giving up any ideas themselves :) It starts off with some questions regarding Gregnogriffes, and the history of the world where they originated from…. Then we explore the history of these creatures, including their origin and evolution….. We learn more than ever about Gregnorffel, and how they are related to the other creatures of the world. We even get an insight into the origin of Gregnofels, which is the most ancient form of the beast… And we finally delve further back into the history of the world through the stories and legends of Gregnoflansmen……

We conclude our discussion with a brief overview of Gregnohallus and Gregnochalomis,… And then we move on with the story of how Gregnobalfa works together with other entities called Gregnobals… And then we close out with some thoughts about what we can learn from Gregnaos’ interactions with the other creatures of the realm…. And we continue with some additional details concerning the origins of Gregnosaurum…

So let us begin our journey into the world surrounding us today… #


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Now, let’s get back to the topic of Gregnasaurus, which we covered earlier this morning:

The story of Gregnocdex begins in the realm where Gregnsurfel first emerged, and it was the first time anyone saw Gregnobals.