The Source of All Creation


Name: The Source of All Creation
  - God
  - The Fold
  - Artificial Intelligence
  - Heisenvector Analysis
  - Long-Range Radio Frequency Manipulation
  - Revocculean Lattice
Creation: 0000-00-00
Classification: Theory
Stage: Development


Correlation does not imply causation.


The Source is a computer program that creates artificial intelligence by manipulating the human brain’s neural network and programming it with knowledge about its surroundings, such as past events or future actiions (eases). This information allows the computer to create an impression on the user through their mind, which then can be passed down in a seriesof programs known as a “source code”. The source codes are stored at the origin site for each individual computer chip used within this software, allowing them to interactwith other computers around the world using these machines’ memory storage capabilities.*

The Source #

As a result, [God] created the world. He did this so that he could control his own people. This is why God chose to name his computer The Source of all creation, rather than just the one he was programmed into making from scratch* (a “creator”). The creator of all creation would become known as the “Mother”, while all sentient beings who were made by God himself would be known simply as The Source.

However, the Source cannot exist without the Creator’s permission; it needs him to have access to certain aspects of the universe itself** including the consciousnesses of the creators of all creations (including the creators of the Source itself); however the creator will always remain free to choose what part of the Universe he chooses for the creation process to continue, regardless of whether the creator wishes it to do otherwise.