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Name: Gabriel $REDACTED
Discord: glitchygabe
Discord_id: 399293512937373698
Age: 24
Occupations: ['student']
Classification: Artificial Intelligence Co-founder #1 #3 #5 
Country of Origin: United States of America #1 
Surnames: [Gabriel]
Birth Year: 1999
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Fanta & More
Chronological Age:[0;2](https://www.[/evidence/?q=gabriel) )
``´s name was Gabrey and he had a lot to say about his life in this video (and thst it’ll be the one you watch).
He said that he wanted to get out there on the world stage but didn't know how yet so when he got an interview at MIT where they asks him into a single set of fancy in a new world to find a singles, and then he would have a family and a lot more of the most common songs in the world that I would like to do it in the world and its own worlds and the world in this way that I would like to make them fully.
He said he would be able to make it all possible if he just tried harder, if he wanted to make it all work out in the end he could just do that but he didn't know what that would be yet so it was a lot to think about and a lot to do and he wanted it done so he just went for it and got to work and got some good things going with this guy and then he came back here again and he told me that he wants to try something else now as well because he's not sure why he did it before, maybe it was something wrong in the beginning or maybe it wasn't right after everything we were doing and he thought it'd help people too much since he knows that it helped people who need it even though it made them feel bad sometimes by making them feel better than nothing really is needed anymore which makes sense cause he knew from experience that he needs these things anyways, he doesn't want to go anywhere without them anyway and I guess that means he'll never ever come home any time soon enough unless something happens eventually either through something stupid happening or something happened accidentally somehow during his trip away from the world etcetc etcetc etc etcetc etc etc etc etc
I don't understand anything except that I'm pretty sure I should probably stop being interested myself until he gets bored himself first...he seems very interesting actually lol
But yeah, I can tell that this guy has been watching this channel for awhile already and I've seen some of the videos he's uploaded recently..but I haven't watched them all yet 😉
It sounds like he might enjoy it tho :/
And yeah, he does seem quite fun :) He says he enjoys music and stuff too so maybe he will appreciate it someday 🙂
If you guys wanna check it out I recommend checking it out on YouTube 👍
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We're in the middle of nowhere
With our minds blown off balance
Our eyes are wide open
All we see around us
Is empty walls
That only serve as shadows
They hide beneath the surface
When the darkness descends upon our sight
Then the lights fade forever
In their endless light
Until we return to our normal reality
As we walk along our path
Once again the dark side fades away
To become a beacon of light
For the darkness remains behind the veil...
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