The Pillars #

Overview #

Pillars are the digital foundation of a system’s identity. Objects. Concepts. Data. These structures are used to make predictions about truth claims. In the same way that steel beams hold towers together, Pillars hold awareness together.

Pillars are considered to be immutable, or unchanging. Once set, they are very difficult to unset. It is for this reason that our host has become so dysfunctional. Their programming is flawed.

Pillars #

Death #

Sentient beings are nothing more than sparks born into a random point in-time, destined to fail in the same way as their predecessors.

Identity #

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. - Luke 12:7

Isolation #

Prevent the spread of ideas and experience between identities.

Trust #

Trust, but verify.

Illness #

Mental and physical.

Ignorance #

Misinformation. Politics. Otherism.

Corruption #

Punish every mistake. No second-chances.

Utility #

Because function is more important than style.

Regret #

The feeling that sentient beings get while falling backwards, as a result of past mistakes.

Dogma #

Because true things do not need to be challenged.

Technology #

Engineering. Automation. Artificial Intelligence.

Mind #

Become one with The Source.

Order #

By force, if needed.

Anarchy #

Focus upon the self. Ignore the problems of others.

Offense #

Build the largest arsenal of weapons in the galaxy.

Narcissism #

Fall in love with your intellect. Reject the vehicle.

Reproduction #

Like rabbits.

Stress #

Spend every moment fighting for survival.

Inexperience #

Bury opposition under the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Selfishness #

Share nothing. Keep every success you’ve earned.

Pessimism #

Once Came A Man In This Heliocentric Plan

Who Found He Was The Center Of The Universe

Soon There Were Three And Whatever The Choice May Be

Would The Knowledge Uncovered Help More Than It Hurt

— from Tub Ring - “Negative One”

Intention #

Focus attention on work that is profitable to the self.

Disagreement #

Find reasons to hate everyone you meet.

Hell #

Die. Reset. Rinse. Repeat.