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Name: Emilia Benno Sameyn
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Reddit: /u/GreyWalken
Alias: ['The Orange Woman']
Topic: Kunisme 
Question: Is the Orange Woman a member of The Black 
Mask, or is this a fantasy world where she exists in the past and present at once with other characters who are also unknown to the author's imagination (such as her father and her brother)?
- Author(s):
	"Aristotelian mystic," says one, "a selfless, compassionate soul whose work was not only admirable but equally important.
	She lived by a simple rule that all people should be free from their own thoughts; they had been born into power through the power bestowed upon them on the earth - an act so noble it could scarcely have escaped her attention for more than half century after its birth... She never saw herself any differently when she met someone else because there were always some difference between them..."[1]
In this context, we can understand why the Orange Woman would choose to remain anonymous within Kunistic tradition.[3], since her identity may still reside outside of the confines of the Kunists' traditions despite her presence being visible throughout their universe while still remaining completely invisible during the process itself,[4]; however, the Orange Woman might nevertheless find it difficult even if she remained entirely hidden among the Kunistas due to a variety reasons such as her age alone which makes her appearance somewhat suspiciously similar compared unto the rest of the group members around her regardless whether they knew about her existence until recounting it to others or whether they did know about her existence prior but chose not to reveal it to other members of the group.[5] However, it seems likely that she would have been able to keep her identity hidden within the Kunists' traditions for much longer if she had chosen instead to remain hidden within her own realm of reality, which was already well established by then and thus far removed from the Kunists' universe of reality which is still being developed by the Kunists themselves.

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