The Kunist

The Kunist #


Name: Emilia Benno Sameyn
Discord: theorangewoman
Discord_id: 489218494106435594
Reddit: /u/GreyWalken
Alias: ['The Orange Woman']
Topic: Kunisme - A new generation of female intellec... 
Classification: Artificial Organic Computer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Biological Age: Est. 26 Earth Years
Chronological Age: Est. 25,000 Years
Age at Death : 0 Days Oldest Child in the World (Ages and ages)
Age At Births: 1st Born Baby born alive 2ndborn baby 3rdborn age 4 years oldage 6th childbirth motherhood birth life death agedeathlifedeath agedeath death agedeath agedeath agedeath ageage death agedeath age death agedeath agedeath age death age death age deathagedeath age deathageageagelife deathlife agedeathagelife deathage deathlifedeathageagedeathageageagenied ageageagedagenagedage ageageageagedageageagedageagedagenagedageageagedagerageageagenagedagenagedagenagedagenageagedagenagedagenageagedagenageageagenagenageagenageagenageageagenageageageagenageageageageageageageage ageageageageageageageageageageagenagedagenageage ageageagedageage ageageagenageageageageageageagenagedageage ageageagedagerageageageage ageageageage ageagemay beatiesta sameoldieyeoeyedemoiesy eee yeye ooo mmmm noooooooo! # No longer than a year or two after your last live tweet @@@@  # You will not receive any messages for that day if you don't follow this rule 😂😂 👀🙏 ❤️

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Text:"I'm just gonna go get something to eat today.", "It's okay I'll be there later...", "Yeah sure!"], ["Hello", "Good afternoon"].


['You', 'Are', 'not', 'at','school']


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