The Reptillian

The Reptillian #


Name: Thomas Aldine
Location: The Underground City, Alpha
Alias: ['Alpha', 'B']]
Classification: Theory
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Biological Age: Est. 26 Earth Years
Ch ['The Reptillian']
Classification: N/A


[0,“Age”,“Sex”,1,“Hair color”,“Skin tone”]


{INPUT} For each person in the list, determine if he or she is an adult by using “Yes” for Yes and

  • I’m not sure about that one… but it’s probably correct because there are more than two possible answers to a question like this!? (I guess so…)
  • If yes, then why does someone have both of those things at once?! It seems weird when they’re only having sex with their partner!!!


Sentence 1: He has been studying medicine since he was twelve years old.". Sentence 2: His father worked as a doctor during his childhood. He graduated medical school later on after working full time for three months before getting into law school. Sentence 3: After graduating college from university he started teaching while also taking classes at night.

He went to graduate school through Harvard where he earned a BFA degree which helped him get accepted to Stanford University where he studied under Professor Michael Hinton. During his time in California,he became involved with many different organizations including Scientology - which he would go on to work as part of several projects including creating some kind of computer program called [the Matrix]( This project had nothing to do with my original idea regarding human trafficking,but instead was focused on helping people escape abusive relationships via marriage. In other words,it’s just another way of saying that we should all be together without anyone being forced into marrying us either sexually or otherwise.",. So far,this research hasn’t really changed anything except maybe how much money you make per year.

It might seem odd for me at first glance,since most of what I know about psychology revolves around humans interacting with animals etc., however,that doesn’t mean that