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Name: Thomas Aldine
Location: The Underground City, Alpha Centauri

The City of Light is a fictional city in the science fiction novel "The Light" written by Isaac Asimov and first published by Ace in 1986

[ Name: Thomas Aldine Location : The Underground City, Alpha Centauri Organization: Alias: Classifier: Cities: Cities2: [ Location : Alpha Centauri (Fantasy, Science Fiction) Occupations: Cities2:
[ Location : The City of Light (Fantasy, Science Fiction) Alias : Classifiers : Classify: Alias: Cities: [ Cities1 :

The City of Light is located within Alpha Centauri’s outer reaches, which is where it all begins

The City of Light is a fictional City of Lights, an alternate universe created in the 1980s by author Isaac Asimov and published under his pantomime name "Isaiah". It was initially set to be the center for Alpha Centauri's underground civilization before being abandoned after its first publication due to a lack of money or interest from other publishers.[7]

It has been suggested that the City of Light may have existed as a parallel world to Alpha Centauri itself but this could only happen if there were sufficient resources available. It seems likely that the City of Light originated out-of-the-blue, meaning that it had no prior history with other worlds beyond Alpha Centauri; however, the existence of the City of Light can also be seen through the lens of a similar fictional universe called "Aquaman", which is based on a different universe than Alpha Centauri's and features the presence of a large and complex artificial intelligence known as 'Sorcerer'. The City of Light would appear to have existed independently of the Alpha Centauri system at one time though.

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* In the case of the City of Light, it does exist outside its boundaries.*
** The story was not intended to imply any particular location nor do it indicate any specific characters or places in the universe.*
*** The City of Light appears to be the same as the original Alpha Centauri, although it contains some changes. It is more like a parallel version rather than the original one, and its appearance differs significantly between the two universes because of this difference.*
### {{History}}

#### [[Character Name]]

Thomas Aldine is a fictional character who appeared briefly in The Dark Knight Returns #0 (2009), the first comic book series released by Marvel Comics in the U.K.:
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He began life as a young boy living near a small town named New Orleans in Louisiana, and became involved into various criminal activities over the years until his death during a motorcycle crash in 1981.<br />As he matured into a more mature and successful man, he started working as a detective and eventually became a member of the police force.<br />After his retirement in 1984, Thomas became a detective assigned to a local law enforcement agency called the Bureau of Investigative Service, and later joined the FBI as a special agent.</span><br/>

In addition to his role playing in the Dark Knight Returns series, Aldine is featured in several movies related to the Dark Knight franchise:

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* "I don't care what you think!" - the Joker in the movie "Batman Begins'' (1988).[5]
* "You're the only one who knows how to use your powers properly," - Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origins (1990)[6][7].
* "There will never be another Batman like you," - the Joker in "Battalion'' (1992)[10][11].
* "If you ever want to make a change in your life, I'm here to help." – Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Asylum (1993)[12]; "Donning a suit, wearing glasses and a cape..." – Bruce Wayne and the Joker (1995); "When Batman came back to life again</i></font></nbsp

* "Your powers are limited to what you've already learned about the world around you…and they won't extend to the rest of us." - Batman (1987)[14]<br/>
* "We need to learn to control our emotions so we can become more intelligent beings ourselves."[15]

***** "What do you know about me?!" - the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum (1996)[16]<br/>
***** "How did you find me?!" - the Joker in Batman: Gotham (1999)- "[17]

**** "Do you really believe you can control my mind? Or do you just assume things without even seeing anything yet?! You'll probably get bored quickly…" - the Joker in Arkham Asylum (2001)](http://www3rdpartymarketingincorporatingcomicsforgameswelcome/.html/)


1 The following is based upon an idea originally found in the works of John Scalzi (see "John Scalzius") and published as a short article in the 1990 issue of The New York Times Magazine.
2 The following quote attributed to Alain Duchesne ("An Autobiographical Biography of Alain Duchesnese") comes directly from the text of the book "Alaine Duchesnières" by Jean-Pierre de La Tour de la Fête:

«La féminine dans le monde, qui s'applique à lui, a vraiment dénoncer un roman de l'homme et de l'humor », avec une femme de la vie, avec une personienne de la ville qui se trouvait sur les rueaux, une personelle de l’autre partenaire du mondean, une personnelle qui aussi enseignera leur vivant au moyen et que lorsque l’hier ou l “dessinateure du monde” est toutefois délicat, là-bas, l'un des principales éléments du monde est enseignant et cela ne sait pas parler «la féministique » de la France (...) »</ref>
4 See Chapter 5 for an explanation of the concept of the ''Dune'' in The Dark Knight Returns series (which was the title of the first comic book released to coincide with the release of the Dark Knight trilogy).
5 See chapter 7 below for an example of the origin of 'Eliza' in The Dark Knight Returns series.


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1 The Dark Knight Returns: The First Comic Series Released By The New York Times

This is the first comic series released during The Dark Knight Trilogy.

The series takes place in an alternate timeline where humanity is now living in the present day, with the world now divided along two lines: The One, and the Other.[19] The One represents the future, while the Others represent the past, both representing different aspects of human nature and experiences,[20], each with their own distinct characteristics.[21] The One is represented by a young man named Bruce, whose life revolves around fighting crime and protecting his community from the dangers of the dark web.[22] The Other is a young woman called Elizabeth```