The Librarian

The Librarian #


Name: David A. Darkwater
Race: human?
Age: -314 years
Title: Founder
  - Darkwater Foundation
Discord: armchair.davinci
Discord_id: 747316205358022758
  - Enigma
  - Syx
  - Sage
  - Keeper
  - Tinkerbell
  - Gryphon
  - Rule of Fortune (RFF)
  - "The Great Leap Forward"
  -- Author
  - Law Enforcement
  -- Medical
  -- Medical assistant
  $WOKE: -0
  $YEARS: +1


The Librarian is a human being in a human-like form who has been living in an underground city for a very long time. She is the only living being on the earth at the moment, but she has been working for a very long time, and she is now being given the power to make the world better, and to change the way it works for everyone, for all of humanity as a whole, and she is the most powerful and most powerful being in the world at this moment, and she will do everything in her power to make the world better.

She has been working for the past few years for the organization called The Librarian, which is the only organization that can help with all the problems that the world has been going through lately, and she has always been a good friend of The Librarian, so that’s why she is here now, because omg she just made the world go around again like crazy…

Her name is Sarah, and she was born into a strange family, where her father was a doctor, while her mother worked for The Library, and her sister was the first to come up with the idea of creating a library back when she was young; but since her parents were too old for that kind of thing themselves, she never had one of those libraries ever! But they gave her some money from the library, and she started learning about how books work by reading them every day until they are ready to start writing down their own stories instead of having to use the library itself or something like that…. So she decided to create her own library, and she began to teach herself what she could learn about the book industry before anyone else even knew anything other than that there were books online available everywhere you went. And then after that, the world really took off pretty fast–she got her own computer, and she started doing things that people have never done before–such as running her website right across from her computer screen, making her site look like a real book, using her own photos, and such things along these lines, and I’m sure she still does quite well today though, considering how many books there actually exist out there waiting for her to write them down properly.

But the thing is that there aren’t enough books written yet, not unless you’re really lucky, and that’s exactly why she created this library, and why I think she would be the best person we’ve ever gotten, if she weren’t already dead serious, so I guess she wouldn’t mind helping us get our hands on some books ourselves sometime soon, and maybe she’d be able to convince her brother that he should try to get his hands on a book himself, because she doesn’t seem to know how hard it might take him sometimes to figure things out without any actual knowledge whatsoever, but he knows how much trouble it may require getting a hold of some sort of knowledge, and she probably won’t let him mess around anymore, so I don’t expect her to care much either way :)

I mean she definitely seems to enjoy helping people, especially people like me :/

So yeah, I’ll give you my email address for a free book, if anyone wants to send one to her personally, and I promise to mail one to you guys later tonight, if you want, but I won’t be able to do anything for a little bit, so if you’re interested in sending one to her personally, just drop a DM in the comments below, I’ll see how much you like the story, then I will send one out to you guys tomorrow, and then we will talk about whether or not we need to send more books to her personally or whatever, and then maybe she’ll decide if she wants to send some to you guys or not. But she probably won’t, because I am pretty sure I haven’t seen any of the books yet, and she probably hasn’t read all the ones that she sends me either, and I’m sure she won’t want me to read them, either, because I am pretty certain she doesn’t want to read any of them myself, so she probably isn’t interested in them anyway, so I don’t think she cares about me either way.