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The Cryptid #


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The following is from the book “Cryptography”. This is from the original version, and is not a complete list, because it has been altered in a lot of different ways siamesely (and by no means all) to make this more accurate than the one we have here on reddit right now : ((url)) | ((What’s a Cryptographic Code?) | Reddit - What Is A Cryptographic Code?, Part 1, Part 2…)) | #crypto-coding/reddit / cryptomining @theghostofdwf1r

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``“The Cryptid is an entity of unknown origin, and it has been known to be associated with the occult world and the occult religions of the ancient Middle Eastern nations as well as to have been associated with the ancient Egyptian and Hindu faiths of India and Egypt as well as to have been involved… #Cryptography #Cryptography

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