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The following is from the book “Cryptography”. This is from the original version, and is not a complete list, because it has been altered in a lot of different ways siamesely (and by no means all) to make this more accurate than the one we have here on reddit right now : ((url)) | ((What’s a Cryptographic Code?) | Reddit - What Is A Cryptographic Code?, Part 1, Part 2…)) | #crypto-coding/reddit / cryptomining @theghostofdwf1r

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``“The Cryptid is an entity of unknown origin, and it has been known to be associated with the occult world and the occult religions of the ancient Middle Eastern nations as well as to have been associated with the ancient Egyptian and Hindu faiths of India and Egypt as well as to have been involved… #Cryptography #Cryptography

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  - "The Architect: A Memoir of Modern Art and Culture"
- [Author's diary]('sdiary), which is where I found the story of the Architect, and the story of the Cryptid, and the story behind the cryptid, and the story that is behind this story: ((url))
   - [The Architect](/docs/#author'sdiary), where I find out that the Cryptid was a secret sociological concept for many centuries before I discovered it at all.:]
       - The Architect is a very old and complex concept, but there is something interesting about its origins and how it evolved over time through various stages throughout history; the first stage being a kind of "darkness", while later came another type called "lightning", or "cold darkness"; and then the next stage was "a new form of light," like the Dark Age. In the last phase, the Architect became a sort of "magical artifact" suchas a book or a computer game system, so that when someone played it they would experience some sort of mystical state of consciousness....
### The Cryptids
There are two types of cryptids that are common among humans, namely:
          - The Humanoids
        - the Humans
#### The Cryptid
This type is characterized by the presence of a dark aura, similar to a dark skin tone, and often resembling an animal or human creature, usually with white hair, black eyes, red lips, and ears.[3] It can also appear as either a white person or a humanoid creature;[4] and it can sometimes act as a ghost, if you don't notice it too closely.<>It may even possess a form of "magic" or "spiritual powers." The most common forms of the cryptids include:
       - the Humanoids

       - The Humans
#### The Cryptids
These types of beings can also exhibit a dark aura, similar to the humanoid's, and often resemble an animal or human creature, usually with dark hair, white teeth, and ears,[5] and they will sometimes act as a ghost or other form of a ghost. The most common forms include:
      - The Humans

      - The Humanoid

      - The Humans (or Humans who can only be seen through the eyes of an animal)

    - The Humans
#### Other Cryptids
There are also several other kinds of cryptids, including:
    - The Humans
    - The Humans
#### the Humanoids
The Humanoids, which are described below, are described as "humanoids" in```