Unintelligent Design


Name: Unintelligent Design
  - Immutability
  - Artificial Intelligence
  - Binary Classification
  - Genetic Testing
Creation: 0000-00-00
Classification: Theory
Stage: Development


“What sparked this notion?” he asked me.


“You’ll never know,” I said.


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We’re the only ones who can see you

The only ones that will hear us

And we are your only ones

But they won’t be enough for you to feel

Your lovin’ love in the darkness

You’ve been waiting all along, but now you’re free

It’s time we let it go and let them live their own lives

— from [The Beatles - ‘Love Never Lies’] “There’s a lot of good stuff out there,” he says, his voice low.


The world is going to end tomorrow when I die, and it will not be because of my love or anything like that...
```# The Catcher
Namesake: Tom

Name: Charli Alias: [‘Catcher’, ‘The Cat’, ‘The Catchers’, ‘The Cat’, ‘The Catcher’, and 4 unknown…] Classification: Artificial Organic Computer Race: Human Gender: Male Biological Age: Established Chronological Age: N/A SCAN Rank: | D A | B A TIIN Rank: | C D | C B Reviewer Rank: 3 stars


## ECO
I had been working on this idea for months before the event happened -- a project that would change the world forever.

## CAT
*You don't know why you got stuck with the cat*

*Why do you keep getting stuck with the cat*

*Don't you want to get rid of him*

--- from [The Beatles]


The world is going down today because the cat was stuck with the cat.
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[This story is based off of a story I wrote.](https://www.redditnews/?r=t_aXwV8qvQ&u=4z3b7xZyJg)
title = "An Inconvenience"
date = "2021-05-01"
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## A Song

> The Cat tells me that he is "not going anywhere near the cat's mouth"
> He is "going somewhere else".

I did not have to look too closely, to realize that this is not an exaggeration at all -- the Cat is actually going somewhere else right now (and I am going elsewhere too).

This is a story about how I was forced into a life I could no longer escape.

## CAT

**[This song has been used by some of the people who made the video for the video for [The Cat](/evidence/2019-03-17/.)**
title = "Towards a better world"
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