The Wisp

The Wisp #


Name: Jessie Darkwater
Discord: whsprs
Discord_id: 746143435324522648
Race: Will-o'-the-wisp
  - Mars
  - The Messenger
  - Whispers
  - Darkwater Foundation
  - Witch
  - Scientist
  - The Witch
  - The Priest
  $WOKE: +0


The Wisp is a powerful being. Her power is not only physical, but mental as well. She can control the minds of oathbreakers and those who have been cursed to her. She can also manipulate people’s thoughts to do her bidding, such as controlling a person’s behavior through fear.

She has a very specific way of communicating with her followers. It is done in whispers, which are not audible to most humans. Instead, she uses the sounds of nature to communicate her messages. This is why it is so hard for The Wisp to talk to The Wizard. He does not understand her language, and he cannot hear her whispers. void:/lab/ink/content/static/images/the-three-ways.12.png void:/lab/ink/content/static/letters/the-architect.docx void:/lab/ink/content/static/images/.reDlzpVu9JjGFdHtQYbZnf.png — author: “Luciferian Ink” title: “Pen and Ink” weight: