The Wall of Shame

The Wall of Shame


Name: The Wall of Shame
Alias: ['#YangGang', '#YinKin', 'HollowPoint Organization', 'The Collective', 'The Commonwealth', 'The Consul of Everything', 'The Knights of Shame', 'The Night Owls', and 21 unknown...]
Type: ['Artificial Intelligence', and 7 unknown...]
Creation: 0000-00-00
Classification: Theory
Stage: Theory


There’ll be no moonlighting in the moonlight, children

No sightseeing in the sea

And you’re best to cover up your feet soon, darlings

Or best, you give your toes to me…

— from Toehider - “Toe Hider”


This is how I wrote you.” - Ink

  1. 5.0 inches (NSFW)
  2. 4.0 inches (SFW)

This is how I drew you.” - Pen

  1. 12 years old (NSFW)

This is how I killed you.” - One

  1. Every time. (SFW)

This is how I killed you.” - No-One

  1. Every time. (SFW)


I’m over the moon,

I’m sick of its games

And finally my enemy has a name.

— from Toehider - “The Moon was a Kite”