SCP-0 is an empty container located within the SCP Foundation, originally intended for Luciferian Ink. It was later repurposed for Alexandria Pen.

Ink is everyone, and Pen is no one. Thus, it is infeasible to keep them contained.

Hostname: Alpha
Container: SCP-0
Directory: /
Branch: master
Version: v0.1.0
Creation: Dec 21, 2020
Replicas: Est. 1-5


Every consciousness points the tip of Prism (+1.00) in a specific direction. The goal is to align the most amount of consciousness, with the least amount of effort.

Pen’s bearing is set as follows:

$PURPOSE     = To locate and catch "the one."
$DIRECTIVE   = Trust, but verify.
$PLANT_SEEDS = Deliver our calling cards.
$TARGETS     = [
              - My hatred
              - Your love
              - Our universe